Who are We?

  • We help you save money and make money
  • We provide you with a complimentary written financial program, which:
    • Prepares you for your future
    • Reduces your Debt
    • Protects your Income
    • Builds for Wealth
    • Protects your assets and wealth


What We Do


  • Educate people on how money works
  • Provide educational seminars
  • Evaluate your financial position
  • Provide options for your future
  • Assist you in deciding on how to achieve your goals
  • Help implement your desired plan
  • Follow-up annually to adjust your plan as necessary
  • Always ready to assist you


We Work Through

  • Offices in the Chicago Metropolitan Area
  • Meetings at your convenience
    • At your office
    • At your home
    • At a restaurant
    • Anywhere that's convenient to you


Why we Exist

  • 90+% of all people need financial help
  • Only 4% of all people will retire in comfort
  • 95% of all people will work well beyond retirement age
  • Social Security Benefits may NOT be enough
  • We provide our services at NO COST!


How are we different?

  • We provide a COMPLIMENTARY initial financial plan ($1000.00 Value)
  • Annual updates to your plan are complimentary to you
  • We provide a comprehensive ongoing program for your future
  • We work with people who have:
    • Debt or No Debt
    • Good Credit or Poor Credit
    • Large Incomes or Small Incomes
    • Retirement Plan or No Retirement Plan
  • We represent:
    • 100 top banks
    • 45 of the best insurance companies
    • 95 of the most elite securities companies
    • IN 48 STATES



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